Friday, October 17, 2008

This weekend...

Inspired by The Cwtch

  • Having dinner tonight with Capt, his parents and his aunt.
  • Saturday morning up bright and early leading my 'team' up to a high school in the Bronx where we are taking part in New York Cares Day.
  • Then afterwards enjoying a couple of well earned beers hopefully at 'The Frying Pan' if its still open (its a great bar on an old light boat moored right on the Hudson. What makes it so great? Cheap beer, tasty burgers and a great view across the river to Jersey, you can actually see my apartment block in the photo below.)

  • Sunday going to the American Museum of Natural History - thanks to B for passing on 4 free tickets for entry to the museum and all the exhibits!
  • Sunday afternoon/evening - trying out some of the tasty sounding soup receipes found on Farm Girl Fare. (If they are as good as they sound they will be used over Thanksgiving weekend at the amazingly cute house we have found to rent in the Adirondacks.)

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