Friday, October 31, 2008

Pirates, Pumpkins and Bridesmaids

I love how 'in to' this day Americans are, back home in the UK it's not that big of a deal but here - wow! Houses are decorated and I saw quite a number of people making their way to work this morning in costumes.
Tonight I'm dressing up as a pirate - my outfit was called 'Captain Booty'! Not quite as slutty looking as it sounds, plus I'm wearing flat boots and opaque tights with it to decrease the 'hussy factor'. We are going to watch the Halloween Parade in the West Village and then its bar crawl time, (another reason for wearing flat boots!).
Last night I carved my first ever pumpkin. It's not too shabby looking, if I do say so myself, I'll post some photos tomorrow so you can decide for yourselves. It was a fun evening spent with my friends, watching Hocus Pocus (who knew SJP could look so bad?!), eating peanut M&Ms (yummy), drinking beer, last minute costume fixing and, of course, pumpkin carving.
Red Frame's latest post is all about bridesmaids dresses. The final picture is of the very dress that I will be wearing for a dear friend's big day in May. I feel a little sad that I have missed out on being able to help since I have been away since last January and only return to the UK 2 months before the wedding, although JB assures me that I will be helping with the favours* and all sorts of other goodies on my return. Seeing the picture of the dress made me smile. I'm so looking forward to the day, not only do I get to see my friend marry a wonderful man and be a part of the day, I get to do it all wearing a fabulous dress, YAY! I've lost 20 pounds so far this year and I'm hoping to lose another 20 before I go home so that I can do the dress justice. Obviously I will need to not spend too many evenings drinking beer and eating peanut M&Ms to achieve this. Did I mention the other bridesmaid is tall and slim and just beautiful...eeek!!

Happy Halloween!

*The favours are going to be minature Green & Blacks chocolates - yummy!

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Guilty Secret said...

I'm sure you'll be able to help loads - there's so much to do in the last 2 months.