Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Done, To do, Guilty Pleasures, Facts

I have been tagged by Rachel

So far today I have:
1. Uploaded some of my photos to facebook from the sailing trip
2. Eaten one of my birthday bars of galaxy chocolate for breakfast (I love my wonderful friend and the fab parcel she sent me!)
3. Discovered that I most of my winter clothes are now too big - what a great excuse to go shopping
4. Enjoyed walking to work in the autumn sunshine blethering with E.

Image: C & D Canal by Me
To do:
1. Start applying my tutor's suggestions to the nasty, horrid, vile paper that I had hoped I was finished with
2. Unpack and do laundry (yuck)
3. Write thank you notes and emails for my birthday cards
4. Look for a house for us to rent for Thanksgiving either in the Poconos or the Catskills

Guilty Pleasures:
1. Eating chocolate for breakfast
2. Cashmere bedsocks
3. Vanity Fair - I really shouldn't waste my meagre intern pay on it
4. Lying in bed all morning with a good book

1. I dislike going to the hairdresser
2. I'm terrible with money
3. I still get in bed with my parents in the mornings when I'm home
4. I prefer a wedge of lime in my G&T to lemon

I tag: whoever would like to do this (I know that this is lazy but there is a 5th fact about me!)


Rachel said...

great photo - looks like you had good weather.


CeeCee said...

The sun shone but alas no wind, still a wonderful trip though!

Miss Meep said...

Galaxy for breakfast sounds perfect!

I'm a fellow hairdresser-hater. I actually contemplated a DIY job with the kitchen scissors recently.