Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pinch and a punch...

...for the first of the month!

I love the autumn and October really feels like the start of it.

The month will start by celebrating my birthday on the first weekend and the second weekend and finish with Halloween on a Friday night in New York City - life ain't that bad really!

The reason for 2 weekends of celebration - Captain America and I are going away sailing for 3 days this weekend. I can't wait, although we have only been seeing each other for 3 weeks, it feels really natural to be doing this trip. I think perhaps because it was born of necessity. The boat needs to be taken down to Annapolis for the boat show and he wanted someone to come with him to help. The obvious solution was me. It's a birthday trip for me doing something great and he gets crew for the trip. Hopefully 3 days on a boat together won't lead to us wanting to strangle one another!

Ok, now I must try and get another 500 words of quality rubbish added into my assignment before the end of the day...wish me luck, I'm going to need it! (The silver lining to this cloud - once I've handed this in there will be no more really stressful papers for the remainder of my time here in the States!)


Rachel said...

What a fab trip! Hope you have a good time.

500 words is nothing - I'm sure you will trot them out easily. But good luck. x

CeeCee said...

Thank you Rachel. I'm just trying to get the paper tidied up at the moment and looking (and reading) in order! Not long now til I can get out of the office and out of the city..roll on 5pm!

redframe said...

Yay for finished assignments, the relief, it's palpable!