Friday, October 10, 2008

Five Senses Friday

I've been spending this morning working through the archives on the glass doorknob. (Have I mentioned before how little I have to do at work?). I have decided to copy this from her.

Just thinking about it has made me pause to consider and enjoy the simple things in everyday life.

- the manhatten skyline from my bed with the orange of the sunrise behind
- the bright clear blue sky behind the empire state building (i do so love that i've had the opportunity to live and work here)
- the lovely text message from capt that was waiting on my cell when i woke up

- galaxy chocolate for breakfast (the last of my birthday chocolate *sniff)
- salt and vinegar kettle chips
- a pint of yuengling in a cosy local bar

- the john mayer track 'say' (loving it right now)
- the click clacking of a colleague's heels on the marble floor
- former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari talking about being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
- the laughter of my friend on the train to work this morning

- bread being toasted in the kitchen
- the wonderful mixture of smells in the deli

- the scab on the heel of my hand covering my 'boat bite' while the new skin grows
- my hair as i examined it trying to decide if it needs cut (it does!)

I should really have 5 for each sense but it's late and I'm sleepy.

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