Friday, November 21, 2008

Venting and Ranting

In the bookworm's values meme I mentioned a 'friend' who is tight with her money. She is someone that does many things that irritate me from being tight with her money to constantly trying to play the victim card to inviting herself along all the time to things but never making a suggestion for anything for us to do.
Then when she does appear she either sits in the corner with a face on her like a slapped arse (sorry if this offends anyone but its the best description!) or just non stop witters on with the same stories we here every time.
This evening she has invited herself along for a drink with a few of us, normally I would be thinking fine, there is a few of us, I can ignore it but this week I have been hormonal and I have been exceptionally irritable this month - I fear that the heavy glass mugs that the bar we are going to uses may prove too tempting a weapon!!
When I write my complaints about her out they seem so petty that I think I must be an unreasonable person, however in 10 months this girl has managed to fall out with at least 5 people - surely they can't all be wrong?!
I've tried avoiding her and not responding to emails and texts or when she asks what I'm doing I make something up that she can't come along to. I thought she might have taken the hint but no, after 2 weeks of no contact, an email will pop up in my inbox "Why have you not been in touch? Don't you like me?"
I can't respond "No, no I don't. Take the hint and piss off" I know it would upset her and I don't want to be cruel.

I should feel better getting that off my chest but I just don't know what the solution is so I just get frustrated!

E and I had a good rant about this issue and a couple of others last night as we walked 25 blocks down and 4 across in the cold after watching The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (which was very good). I think the ranting kept us warm on that cold walk home!

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