Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged: A bookworm's values

I have been tagged by The Cwtch.

First up is "The Bookworm". the rules are that you have to open the nearest book to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence as well as the following few sentences. It has to be the closest book, not your favourite, or the most intellectual!

The closest book to me is the one in my handbag that I read to and from work everyday, Sebastian Faulkes 'Human Traces'. I have read a number of his books and I always enjoy them. It is one of 12 books I bought on the last hot sticky day of summer in a closing down second hand book store with no air conditioning! I endured the horrid sweatbox that was that shop though because those 12 books cost me a mere $24!

'"The sole is good, isn't it?" said Sonia.
"Yes," said Thomas. "Has my sister proved a satisfactory housekeeper, Richard?"
"Adequate, thank you. We had to let the cook go at Christmas. Domestic economies, you see"
"I enjoy it," said Sonia. "It's a pleasure for me to make dinner for Richard's friends, then to manage to budget with some modest suppers." She did not look up from her plate as she spoke.'

Second Tag:

Six things I value:
1. Kindness
2. The love and support of my family and friends even when I'm many miles away from them emails and letters tell me that they are thinking of me. The friends that I have made here, without them this year would have been so very different.
3. My health and also the free health care that we get in the UK. It may not be perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than here in the States.
4. Quiet. I don't think such moments exist here in New York.
5.Freedom. My father and my brother both served as officers in the British Army. My father in Northern Ireland and my brother in Iraq. My life would have been very different if either of them had not returned. I thank them and every member of our armed services and their families for what they are willing to sacrifice for us.
6. A really good cup of tea!

Six things I don't:
1. People that are inconsiderate - primarily I'm thinking about the subway but this extends to all areas of life. Those people who stand at the doors to get on and you can't get off, people that don't take backpacks off on crowded trains, all those people who don't stand up for elderly people and pregnant ladies - yes I"m talking to you three indian men who ignored the heavily pregnant lady at 23rd st last night and I had to push others out of the way so I could stand up and give her mine - just for you other Indian man to try and take it!!!Grrr!!
2. People that are tight with their money. From not standing their round to asking you for that 50p you owe them. I have a great friend who earns the same pitiful amount as me as an intern but we will always stand each other stuff because each of us knows the other will pay next time. Another friend always orders a nice expensive drink when it's someone else's round but on her round she'll always have the cheapest beer going!
3. Having to listen to someone judging others be it on their clothes or their choice of lifestyle. I have noticed this normally comes from people that are not very happy with themselves so have to belittle others to make themselves feel better.
4. Constant whinging, particularly from those who really have nothing to whinge about! (although I know this list is basically me whinging!)
5. Liars.
6. A bad cup of tea!

I tag Melanie, Shari, Miss Meep and Mrs S

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