Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold Weather Wish List

It is cold here today and it we were supposed to be seeing some snow. I've just been out on my lunch break and the sky is a clear bright blue but it is still cold, with a nasty wind that whips round my ears tormenting me for not bringing a hat out.

The reason I went out at lunch was to buy myself some lovely new Ugg boots. My old ones have been a death trap for a while now, bought in Australia a number of years ago the sole is now completely smooth and walking on any wet surface can prove lethal. So sitting beside my desk waiting to keep my toes home all the way are these.

Now that my toes are taken care I would very much like these to help in keeping me toasty this winter.

This hat to keep my head and my ears safe from the nasty bite of the wind.

These pj bottoms to snuggle up in and dream of white christmases!

This skirt to twirl in at the Christmas party.

This cowl neck sweater

This shrug

and finally this down vest.

1 comment:

The Ginger Darlings said...

Waiting for a delivery of Kiwi boots here, all the way around the world from New Zealand to Wales. Magic. Thick sheepskin, which will only suffer because here the world seems to be filled with mud at the moment.
Ah well. Warm toes!