Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homesick and Holiday Trips

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Yesterday was a grey wet day here in New York, it reminds me of mornings back home in grey wet Scotland. I wouldn't say that I was homesick, I have been away from home many times, in fact I've not technically lived at home in about 8 years. However, it has been a long time since I have seen any of my family. A cousin who lives in Colorado was home last week and the family were gathered at my aunt's warm house, drinking, chatting, eating, laughing. I spoke to them all and felt a real yearning to be with them.

Image from flickr

Thinking of there made me think of Balquhidder, a tiny speck on the map where I spent every summer, easter and october school break. My grandparents bought a holiday cottage there many years ago and now it is shared amongst their children and grandchildren. I did a geograghy project on the kirkton burn that runs down off the braes and into the river coming from Loch Voil. I learnt to swim in the loch there. I have walked in the hills and built treehouses in the wood. I have always imagined that the kirk there will be in the one I get married in. I feel a longing to be there in the still, quiet, damp air.

This afternoon we are heading off for our Thanksgiving trip to Lake Placid. I'm looking forward to getting away from the noise and the dirt of the city for 4 wonderful days and nights. Captain and I are leaving first with all the food in his car for the long 5 hour drive up there and the other 8 are following later when they finish work.

So to the Americans - have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

I will be back next week with tales of the Brits doing Thanksgiving!


The Cwtch said...

I hope you had a fabulous time! I went to Scotland for the first time at the beginning of this year for a wedding near Stirling, the following day we drove up to the Trossachs - oh it's so beautiful there. I can see why you would be a bit homesick, but what an adventure you are having in the Big Apple!

Mrs.French said...

I hope you had a lovely trip and that you homesickness has subsided a bit. xo

CeeCee said...

Thank you. I had a wonderful time over Thanksgiving - post to follow soon.
The peace and quiet and the clean air (and the partying with friends!) helped clear the homesickness.