Thursday, February 5, 2009

The final week countdown has begun

This evening is the Leaver's Dinner for my internship programme. One week today is my last day of work and my last full day in New York, tonight we are celebrating in typical British style by, most likely getting rather drunk! Well apart from me, I'm full of the cold and I have to work tomorrow so two very good reasons not to over indulge.

Despite feeling rather pants and have a very croaky voice, I'm looking forward to the evening. I've been the treasurer on the committee organising it all and seeing it all come together will be great. I'm one of the hosts of the evening too, there are various speeches and a small awards section too, hopefully my voice holds out. My fabby new kelly green dress from J Crew will get its first outing this evening, whoopee!

So the final week countdown has begun....unemployment looms....eeek! I had hoped to be getting a position with in the London office of the company I've done my placement with here. I had a phone interview last week and was told "the job is yours", I was then waiting to hear back on salary etc before making my decision. Yesterday, however, I got an email saying sorry we have decided not to replace the girl that is leaving due the currently economic conditions. B*llocks! But for now I'm going to enjoy this evening and worry about jobs tomorrow.
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The Cwtch said...

Absolutely, enjoy your last week to its full - it will probably be easier to start your plans for your next adventure when you get back to the UK anyway. Have a truly fabulous time! (and i hope you feel better soon!)

redframe said...

Oh what a momentous time in your life. Must be hard to leave NYC behind? But also good to go 'home' I'm sure. Best of luck with the job search, I agree with Cwtch, leave it all till you're back in Blighty!