Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"the best yet"

If you are feeling vaguely teary or emotional today I would advise against reading this wonderful post by redframe today but do read it another day. It's oh so beautiful!

Our Leavers’ Dinner last Thursday evening went superbly. Last night we went over the finances and much to my delight all my sums were correct and we had made just over $450 in profit which we have donated to the newly set-up scholarship fund for the progamme. The feedback from all the interns and staff that attended is positive, I was particularly happy to hear that it was deemed “the best one yet”! I may have drunk a little more than I should have, a one or two tears may have been shed but I got myself out of bed the next morning and was one of just a handful that managed a full day’s work on Friday. I’m not sure what that says about British drinking habits!

The lovely, lovely, lovely Chris R and I on the reception table.

This is the best shot of the downstairs area where we had the champagne reception and it really just shows an untidy bar but the room looked so pretty and we had a great view out across the water to the Statue of Liberty.

There were lots of laughs

And the tacky awards went down a treat!

With G, PV and Stevie (who G rather aptly described as looking like a 3rd division football manager!)

All images by Ben Sayaseng


redframe said...

Aw, thanks for the link love! I don't want to make you girls teary though! Just hang in there, party posts on the way.
Your leaver's do looks like great fun. I'm so sad for you to be leaving it all behind!
Onto bigger, better, brighter shall we say? x
And yes, the British capacity is certainly one for the books!

The Cwtch said...

That looks like a fab party and you look lovely (I love the colour of your dress - gorgeous)! Have a wonderful last couple of days!