Saturday, February 14, 2009

The End

The snow is falling outside and I'm cosy in my cousin's apartment in Avon, Colorado recovering from an emotional few days. I managed to control the tears until, at the airport while Captain and I were saying our final goodbyes, we hugged and I realised he was crying behind his sunglasses. Of course this set me off. (Thanks to the lovely check-in lady who saw I was trying to control my emotions and came round and gave me a big hug.)*

Thursday night turned into a late on. After work there was drinks with the great workmates that were the only reason I put up with my DULL job and not-so-nice supervisor (who btw didn't bother to come and say goodbye to me!). Then home to try and finish my packing and back into the big smoke for final goodbye drinks with all my wonderful friends and the lovely Captain. For a change I had my sensible head on and switched to soft drinks after 3 G&Ts (finally I must be growing up haha!), it was about 3am that we finally got home and to bed, I was not a happy bunny when my alarm woke me at 7am. I was however, happy to know that the alarm won't be waking again for a good while! Yippee!

So I managed to just about squeeze everything into my suitcase and big backpack and suddenly Captain was there to drive me to airport. Typing this now I'm tearing up, thinking about saying goodbye to my friends and hugging them. I know I will see them again soon, one in fact I will be seeing at Heathrow in a month as we both wait for out connections north, but I also know that we will never all live within 2 minutes of each other again. Our little Mountbatten bubble has burst and now we have to face the real world.

I still can't quite believe that it is all over. This year (of 13 months) and living in New York is done. Now to move on, move back home, now to begin again. I've had enough practise over the last few years but somehow this time, this time it's different. Now I want to finally settle, build my own home and become a grown-up...better try and find a job then!!

Both images by me: Grand Central Station and Lady Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry

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redframe said...

Oh my dear my heart breaks for you! But it sounds like you're being very sensible and grown-up indeed, so I suspect you'll be just fine. Good luck with the travels my dear. x