Friday, January 16, 2009

"Baby it's cold outside"

This week seems to have whizzed by, I can't believe it's Friday, but I'm, oh so glad that it is!

On Monday I went to see the genius musical that is Avenue Q. If you are in New York and fancy a show - please go and see this. It is rude, funny and completely non-PC, perfect (One song being "Everyone's a little bit racist"!). Tuesday we viewed a venue for the leaver's dinner, down in Battery Park with views of the Statue of Liberty and also a quote that nobody else could beat!
I've ordered a dress from J. Crew to wear at the leaver's dinner. There is a great sale on right now with an extra 20% off. Fingers crossed the dress fits and looks good since its no refunds or exchanges. My main worry is if my boobs will fit in - I have ordered one size up and I can always alter it to fit (I hope!). I also bought a fab pencil skirt that I had tried on a while back but just couldn't justify spending the money on and then, whoopee, there it was on sale and I got a tankini for the bargain of $16! This I really do need for my upcoming trip to the warm beaches of Baja California.

At work yesterday I was gabbing away to a workmate about how in a whole year in New York I had yet to spot any celebs. Then sitting on my mat waiting for yoga class to start last night the girl along from me caught my attention, mainly because I thought her hair needed a good brush! She turned and looked at me at the moment and I realised it was one of the Olsen twins (no idea which one though). I was quite surprised to see someone famous in this donation based yoga studio in the east village - but this is New York where my friend buys fruit from the same street vendor as Kirsten Dunst!

Remember the horrid, vile paper? My horrid, vile tutor that told me my paper would fail? Well my paper passed to two fingers up to you horrid nasty Jeff - without your help I did it! Whoopee!

This week I have also ordered a tent for camping on the beach in Mexico, seen a plane land/crash on/into the Hudson, went to the Garden to watch the Knicks beat the Washington Wizards, had my exit interview with my programme office (suddenly I have The Fear about going home). All of this stuff has been keeping the cogs in my brain going strong and I feel a little odd, like I've forgotten something important but I'm too distracted to really concentrate on what. But I've not forgotten anything at least I hope not....bah!

Image taken by me on Christmas Eve

It's f'ing cold here 17'F but feels like 2'F - to the Brits that's -8C feels like -17C! Brrrr! But it is Friday and it is payday so I'm off for some drinks to warm my bones and ease my whirring brain.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm and cosy.

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