Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving (III): Play

On Thursday morning Capt and I made these rather pathetic attempts at snowmen!

On the Saturday morning while a few of the others went skiing, Capt and I went snowshoeing.
Not long after set out on the trail we met a man coming in the opposite direction. He was what I can only describe as a bear of a man, sporting a very impressive bushy beard and with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Just after we had passed one another, Capt turned to me "That is how horror movies start!". With my wild imagination I did check over my shoulder a couple of times after that.

After getting safely back to the car, we headed over to Whiteface Mountain where the others were skiing. We took the lazy option and went up to the top of the mountain on the gondola. The views were amazing but it was oh so cold at the top. On the way back down we spotted our friends - well mainly E, who stood out in her blue camouflage kids ski jacket and neon pink hat!

Sunday arrived and with it we packed up, loaded the cars and said goodbye to our lovely house. Before heading back to Jersey though we stopped at a couple of the old Olympic sites.
We took the elevator up to the top of one of the ski jumps and wondered what would make anyone want to be a ski jumper! The next stop was the bobsled track and Capt and Stu gave it try. I would have loved to have a go to but at$75 for an experience that lasts less than a minute seemed a bit steep for my intern budget!

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