Friday, December 19, 2008

Anticipating the final bell

Brooklyn Bridge by Me

In less than 2 months I will be completing my internship programme and heading back home. Before I go home though I've got 4 weeks vacation time. I'm spending the first week in Colorado staying with my cousin near Vail, then I have 2 weeks in Mexico living on a beach with no electricity or running water, then I'm heading to back to Colorado for my last week before boarding a flight to grown-up life.
I'm working my way through job applications at the moment, hoping to find something suitable in Edinburgh but thinking that I may well end up in London. In the 5 years since I finished university I've moved about a fair amount and I think this time I will finally be settling somewhere at least for a couple of years!
I feel pretty miserable about having to go back to the UK but some things I will be happy to see the back of. Mainly though I will miss my friends. We've only known each other a year but we have been so much a part of one another's lives. E, who I am closest too out here is in Vegas* (along with most of our group) for the weekend, I had to walk to work this morning and yesterday without her and it was horrid. (I'm not in Vegas because I can't really afford it as I'm saving pennies for my month of fun + I've got no vacation days left at work, oh and I've been previously, twice!) Normally I would have seen her each morning going to work and I would have spent the majority of this weekend with her and the rest of our group. I feel rather a drift without them and that is scary. How will I cope back home when they are not in the apartment downstairs/10/15 floors down or across the street?
View from my apartment Sunday 14 Dec by Me

So here I am on the (terrifying) cusp of being homeless, jobless and friendless, well ok, so I'm being dramatic. I can go back to my parents and I do have friends back home although not many close at hand. Also my lovely friend is getting married in May so I have her hen weekend to look forward to 2 weeks after I get back (trying not to think about how I'm going to pay for it *gulp*) and lots of general wedding activities to be involved with since I'm one of her bridesmaids. Actually on that subject I was planning/hoping to lose 40 pounds this year so my friend doesn't have a fat bridesmaid. I've managed 20 pounds so far, I'd better get my wobbly arse in gear if I'm going to lose another 20 by March - I want to step of that plane and make my Mum proud!
So I do have reasons to be happy and things to look forward to. Finishing the programme and leaving New York will be bittersweet, terrible leaving this wonderful wonderful city but so pleased that I've had this year here, experienced so many things both good and bad and of course, made some truly fantastic friends. Life is moving on and my amazing time here in New York is coming to an end soon but not yet and I plan to make the most of it.
I have spent the majority of this week in a bit of a 'fug' mainly due to my crazy PMT. When I've not being wanting to stab someone, burst into tears or scream, I've just been wanting to hid under my covers away from the world. Today I'm back to being a normal rational human being and despite the horrid weather I'm going to a party on Hoboken tonight.

Have a happy weekend whatever you are doing and if you are having to deal with this weather stay safe and warm. x

The Radio City Rockettes by Me

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