Thursday, September 11, 2008

Toronto & Autumn in the air.

Overall the weekend in Toronto was great. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings it was raining but luckily by the time we got out to the island each afternoon the rain had cleared. Sunday was a better day with great sets from the Stereophonics and Paul Weller. It was my first time seeing Oasis and they were great. I'm really surprised, but very pleased they came back on and completed (most) of their set after 'the incident'.

The weather in Toronto reminded me of summer back home - warm when the sun is out but as soon as he hides it gets decidedly chilly! Back in NYC on Monday evening the temperature here seemed to have gone down and this morning I could almost have worn a jacket to work. I'm sad that I will soon be back in tights and boots walking to work rather than my comfy flip flops. I treated my toes to the final pedicure of the summer, the pretty pinky red on my nails makes me smile whenever I look down at them. One of the things I will miss when I return to the UK is cheap manicures and pedicures. I've never had one back home but here when you can get both for $20, it's an affordable treat!

While I will miss my slopping to work in my flip flops I will be happy not to have to stand waiting on the sauna like subway platforms and arriving at work sweaty, yuck! Images of snuggly jumpers and cosy cardis keep skipping through my head, not helped by the fact that I keep looking at pics like the one below on the wonderful Toast website.

I've also just read Little Miss Rachel's post. I want to be at home baking now...I'll have to settle for planning a halloween roadtrip with my friends to upstate NY to visit some of these places!

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Rachel said...

Thanks CeeCee. You might miss baking and cardies but a manicure & pedicure for $20?! Now I'm jealous (not that I can see my pedicure any more as all this rain means tights and boots...)x