Friday, September 19, 2008

Dreaming of a Duvet Day...

Today I would very much like to be curled up under my duvet feeling sorry for myself but I'm here sat at my desk wondering how it can only be 9.30am...

Here are some lovely things that are giving me reasons to smile this morning.

These wonderful travel books are cheering up my friday, now I'm thinking about when I can visit all these places so I have an excuse to buy them all!
Ruby's lovely blog entry lead me to these delightful creations.

And finally thank you to the lovely Baby, Picture this - these rainbows couldn't fail to bring sunshine into my gloomy day!

Image - Flickr


babypicturethis said...

I'm glad that they went someway to helping you on a duvet needing day, unfortunatley I've yet to find a permanent cure for those, although cupcakes seem to help me!


Oh...hope the gloomy day is over...yes?! Curling under my duvet is one of my fav thing to do...the art of doing nothing...hee*
anyhow, I just published my "Bless=?" contest in my blog, the winner has a great message for all of us I think... let me know what you think. Hope to hear from you ok... Have a lovely new week ahead!