Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not a happy camper

I'm in a foul dark mood this afternoon. WhenI get in these moods I start to consider just chucking the programme, giving up the months of hard work and just going home...not that I really would....
Roll on 5pm then I will no longer have to speak to silly people on the phone and I can have a good whinge over a cup of tea or maybe a beer with my friends after we go and check out what on earth David Blaine is up to in Central Park.
Luckily I have Thursday evening to look forward to, Captain America is taking me and a couple of friends out sailing. He just keeps getting better and I can't get enough of his smile!

1 comment:

redframe said...

Oh wow, I've missed you for a while and now look... gorgeous smile and taking you sailing, ahem!