Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Can it really be 2 months since I last posted?

Yes, apparently it can and very much is.

The lack of internet in my new (or should that be current) home and the craziness of work over the summer season has lead me to not only be unable to post but barely able to follow any of the blogs that sustained me through my dull NYC job!

A crazy and wonderful summer it has been back here in Scotland and working in the rafting industry again. It is now drawing to a close again and many of my friends are disappearing off on exciting winter adventures; rafting in Nepal and Morocco, canyoning in Washington, skiing in Alps. And the sun worshippers well they are off to rafting jobs in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

As for me and a few other hardy soles we are toughing out the Aberfeldy winter. A winter which will most likely to be cold and wet, with less faces to make us a smile on dreich days. I have a new job lined up for the winter, and a new contract for my current one to start back in January and with this news today, I feel pretty lucky.

I'm on the look-out for a new home to call my own, well I say my own but it will be rented. I really like where I am currently but it's my friend's place, full of his things. I feel some need to nest, although I'm very much neither pregnant or newly married (and very far from being either!). I want a home to place my stamp on. I already have a picture in my mind of one corner of a sitting room; an old winged armchair in battered leather, a standard lamp behind, illuminating a wall of photos..... one day.....!

But for now who won't want one of these on their doorstep?

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