Thursday, June 25, 2009


Expedia have finally refunded me!! My credit card is now sitting in credit....weird!! It's only taken since the middle of March but they have accepted they screwed up and I have all my pennies back.... well kind of. The exchange rate has changed and I'm actually still about 200 british pounds out but most of it is back so I'm a happy bunny.
After far too many expensive calls to the US and quite a few letters and emails, I finally spoke to an intelligent girl who sorted it all and withing 24 hours my refund had been processed.

Note to Expedia - employ more girls like Terrilyn, she's is awesome and almost made me rethink my vow never to use you again....almost!


Anonymous said...

WOW, at a first glance you won the lottery. Expedia has a policy to not reimburse from their mistakes (Source: ). In fact, it seems that they managed to scam you 200 pounds due to "conversion rates". Besides you had lost money making expensive calls to US.
You might really think again about using EXPEDIA.

CeeCee said...

the exhcange rate thing is not them scamming me - I had to buy a new ticket in the US using my british credit card so at the time the $1400 worked out as about 1000GBP, they returned exactly the amount in US$ to my card but with the change in exchange rate it now works out at just over 800quid.
I will never use them again and I make sure to tell everyone I know never to use them.