Monday, April 20, 2009

Slap on the wrist

I've been a very lazy blogger recently, not even spending time reading the ones that kept me going through my dull job! I've got a good excuse though I promise...I'm a busy unemployed bum, honest....well ok then, not really. The benefit of the great weather we have been having though is that I've been keeping (and even increasing) my tan while doing LOTS in the garden at my parents.

I have the next installment of my Baja adventure started and I will get it finished soon. Tomorrow I'm meeting a Mountbatten buddy in Edinburgh for the day before heading to Glasgow in the evening to attend this. I love pipes and drums so that combined with seeing a 'New York' friend means I'm rather excited about my tuesday.

I have a job interview on wednesday, not for a real grown-up job, just a summer job, but right now I'm keen just to be busy again and I'm not having any luck with 'real' jobs yet, boo :-(

Blosson on the damson tree, Kilgrammie Cottage, Sunday 19th April

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The Cwtch said...

Beautiful photo! I love the deepness of the blue - gorgeous!