Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back in Scotland...

..and it's raining!
My trip through Mexico was amazing. I touched a grey whale!! Yes, really!! Snorkelled with sealions, made sushi (and ate it! yummy!) and drank way way too many beers.
Photos and a full report to follow once I can actually charge my laptop, silly me forgot to buy a US -UK converter before I left the States. I also have to start fighting BMI/Expedia to get back the money I had to fork out to British Airways for my flight home. I was supposed to have flown with BMI (booked through Expedia many months ago) but they have stopped flying Chicago -Manchester, so I got moved to a BA flight except my ticket wasn't transferred so when I went to check-in at Denver I was told I would have to buy a new ticket for $1000! I had no choice but to do it and now I have to fight BMI and Expedia to get my money back but they are both blaming the other!

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redframe said...

Oh wow, good luck with the fight! You should get something out of someone eventually though? And Mexico? Oh Mexico... Glad you enjoyed it!